About the Guru

Nirupamaa Chandrasekaran is a Doctor Of Homeopathy (India, CU) and a passionate Bharatanatyam Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer. She holds a Masters’s Degree In Bharatanatyam and has been awarded the title of Nritya Shiksha Choodamani for demonstrating exceptional skills in teaching students the rich art of Bharatanatyam. She is the Founder-Director Of the Award-winning Sriyam Institute of Indian Dance Music and Culture that imparts intensive training in the classical art form of Bharatanatyam, Classical music, and Yoga to students of all ages.


She is also adept at playing the Nattuvangam and possesses the rare talent of singing and doing nattuvangam for her students’ performances. Through Sriyam, she brings disciplined and focussed training in Bharatanatyam. Her students have performed in many venues all over the United States. This ancient classical dance form has now become her first love and profession.

About the Shisyas

Saahari and Anamitra have been learning Bharatanatyam since the age of 6. They started their journey of
learning Bharatanatyam with Guru Smt. Selvi Chandranathan. Later,  Saahari and Anamitra joined
Sriyam Institute for Indian Dance, Music and Culture and have been training for their Arangetram under
the tutelage of their Guru Smt. Nirupaama Chandrasekaran. Both Saahari and Anamitra graced the stages
at numerous cultural programs in the tri-state area for several years leading up to their grand performance
on their Arangetram as they mastered the art of Bharatanatyam with years of commitment to learning.


Saahari and Anamitra grew up learning about and enriching their Tamil heritage. They take pride in their
identity as Tamil Americans. They have been trained in Carnatic Classical vocal for several years under
the guidance of Guru Smt. Sudha Ramakrishnan. Both of them have been learning Tamil language from the New Jersey Tamil Arts and Cultural Society (NJTACS) and certified by the American Tamil Academy (ATA) for advanced level of proficiency in Tamil Language. They performed at numerous cultural programs hosted by NJTACS. They are also students of Sri Satya Sai spiritual education program for over a decade, attending spiritual lessons at the Scotch Plains Sai Center. Saahari and Anamitra have been volunteering and engaged in the initiatives of the Ilankai Tamil Sangam America to help the underprivileged children in the United States and in their parent’s homeland in Ilankai.


Their artistic interests also expanded to learning musical instruments. Saahari play piano and won several awards and performed at the Carnegie Hall and the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in NYC. Saahari
also passed 9 of the 10 levels of certification exams conducted by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Canada. Anamitra plays violin and she is a member of the Concert Orchestra of the Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra.


Saahari is a Junior and Anamitra is a Freshman at the Robbinsville High School in New Jersey. Saahari is the co-captain of the high school varsity girls tennis team, founder and president of the National English
Honor Society, member of National Honor Society and also leads and participates in several other clubs.
Anamitra is member of the high school Robotics team, Model United Nations Travel team, Science
Olympiad and several other clubs and organizations.


They both have plans to continue their passion for the art of  Bharatnatyam, with Saahari planning to
engage in initiatives that will help promote Bharatanatyam and Anamitra planning to continue further
learning and teaching.

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