Though we are not accepting any personal gifts for our Arangetram, we encourage you to support the Palmyrah Initiative, an organization founded by Saahari and Anamitra in their middle school days which is working to Aid, Mentor, and Lead the war-impacted Tamil community in Sri Lanka. The Palmyrah Initiative approaches issues in these communities with a three-pronged approach. Each prong will contain several long-term projects that will rely on both time and effort, along with short-term projects that will rely on urgency and effort to create a long-lasting impact. The organization Aids in the preservation of Tamil heritage, Mentors the next generation of Tamil youth, and Leads in improvements for accessible healthcare. The Palmyrah Initiative also works to target geographic locations that are often neglected when working to help these communities and will work diligently to create a positive impact on the world, as is our duty as human beings. We hope that you will support this organization as our cultural journey toward this Arangetram would not have been possible without our rich heritage from Sri Lanka, and we hope to support these communities so they can continue to grow and thrive today.


Please visit ‘’ for more information.

Venue: @ Patriots Theater at War Memorial 1, Memorial Dr, Trenton, NJ 08608
Date: 24 th Sunday,  April, 2022
Time: 3:30 pm – Meet and Greet
4:00 pm – Performance
(Followed by Dinner)
Seating: 3:00pm
Phone: (000) 000 00
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